About TJ & Pals: We're Making Learning Fun

Our goal at TJ & Pals is to present a new approach to preschool educational websites. We created an interactive, safe play, creative oasis - with totally new and original content and activities for preschoolers. We are pleased to present a "hands-on" digital playground - where kids can play preschool games, learn and grow at their own pace. By working with a dedicated team of children's educators, advisory pediatricians, writers, composers, illustrators, graphic designers and animators we are providing a safe preschool website that parents can trust. Above all, for the kids, we are making learning fun.

Our idea was simple.

Building on existing preschool play patterns - and the effective principle of "Learn as you Play", we took ordinary creative objects that kids use every day - a pencil, a paintbrush, scissors, a ruler, an eraser etc, and developed them, each with their own unique personality, into animated interactive friends that kids could relate to - friends who imaginatively create, share stories and experiences, inspire and teach by example - in an exciting, meaningful and fun way.

Today kids, even at the young preschool age, are bombarded by all sorts of visual and audio messages and passive, often mind numbing, media. At the same time, they also have to cope with the challenges of peer pressure - while trying to find their own feet. That is why we created a safe calm environment where kids can discover and play with interactive, wholesome, learning content - at their own pace - without being bombarded by advertising and other media distractions. We also made sure TJ & Pals is loads of fun. Ashley Lazarus - Creator of TJ & Pals

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What Makes TJ & Pals Unique and Different From Other Preschool Educational Websites

  • Original animated characters - with unique creative content.
  • Specially created How To's, Games, Stories, Videos and Activities for Preschoolers.
  • Live Play, TJ Connect and Safe Play original features
  • Educational and safe preschool Apps.
The combination of all these, creates an exciting one-stop "Learn as You Play" digital world making learning fun and distinctly setting TJ & Pals' activities for preschoolers apart from all other preschool websites and children's brands. On top of all this - full access to the website is totally FREE!
Live Play: Our Educational App for Playing Safe Preschool Games - Logo

TJ & Pals proprietary simultaneous play and communications platform, enables up to four TJ Club members to synchronously connect and play our preschool games, or engage in other activities for preschoolers, on the TJ & Pals website and through mobile educational Apps - to and from, anywhere in the world - at the same time.

 TJ Connect: Safe Chat for Kids Under 9 - Logo TJ Connect is our safe and secure live video chat and text chat platform - built specifically for young children. We created this chat for kids under 9, as an easy-to-use technology enabling young children to communicate directly with loved ones, without the fear of having anyone, unapproved by parents, connecting with them. This wonderful application will not only be great for the preschoolers in your life, but will make thoughtful and meaningful gifts for grandparents.
Safe Play: Parentally Controlled Safe Educational Preschool App - Logo

Safe Play is our members only parentally controlled application for the PC or Mac. It protects children from external links, ads, or browsing the internet - and gives parents peace of mind knowing that their children are playing quality preschool games in a protected environment.

TJ & Pals was created by Ashley Lazarus, an award winning film maker, who for many years directed films for Mattel's toys, games and learning products. Gifted in working with children, Ashley created many memorable commercials for their Disney and Sesame Street brands, including "Winnie the Pooh" and "Dr Seuss" - as well as other national US brands.

Ashley also wrote and directed the acclaimed movie "eLollipop" which tells the story of the friendship between two boys, one white and one black, growing up in an African village in Lesotho, during the height of the apartheid era in South Africa.

The Team

Founder & Creative Director - Ashley Lazarus
Chief Financial Officer & Administration - Jennifer Zelcer
Music Composer & Sound Producer - Mitch Clyman
Chief Designer - Seth Aronstam
Director of Technology & Flash Development - David Komer
Serverside Architect - Shaul Behr
Educational Technology Coordinator - Lisi Gopin
Illustrators - Jason Cohen, Sofia Polonsky-Federov
Video Editor - Gilad Levy
Animation Production - Oren Avigdor, Arsinii Libin
Director of Production - Darrell Cohn
Administrative Assistant - Raizy Zelcer
Producer, Parents, Grandparents & Teachers Sites - Beverly Beard
Social Media Marketing & PR - Fran Jakubowicz - eCommerce Innovators
Internet Marketing & SEO - Sol Jakubowicz - eCommerce Innovators
US Public Relations - Virginia M.Sheridan - M. Silver Associates
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The Company

TJ & Pals' preschool website is a wholly owned project of UmaChaka Media, Inc - a privately funded US corporation.

Contact: [email protected]